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This Project is Sponsored in part by LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance LIFE11 ENV/SK/1019 8/2012 - 9/2015
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Implementation area

Humenne Country Municipalities: Baškovce, Černina, Gruzovce, Hrubov, Ohradzany, Slovenská Volová, Sopkovce, Turcovce


Total area of involved communities

7044 ha

Total population of involved communities


Project duration

August 2012 - September 2015


 EU Contribution  690 267 €
 P&W Contribution  141 288 €
 Ondavka Contribution  600 000 €
 Total  1 431 535 €

Project implementors

 Co-ordinating Party  Občianske združenie Ľudia a Voda
 Associate Party  Regionálne združenie Ondávka

Project team

 Project Coordinator  Ing. Danka Kravčíková
 Project Manager  Ing. Michal Kravčík, CSc.
 Financial Manager  Jaroslava Pajtinková
 External Manager  Ing. Ľubica Tomášová
 Technical team  Dr. Ing. Michal Gažovič
 Ing. Ján Hronský
 Mgr. Pavol Varga

Project goals

  • Recovery of the climate and landscape via integrated rainwater retention in the damaged parts of the country utilizing water retention measures.
  • Making use of various technologies for the prevention of excessive storm water run-off from forested and agricultureal landscape.
  • Reviving the climate by retaining rainwater where it falls.
  • Increasing the supply of water resources of the water basin while preventing flooding, drought, erosion and other negative effects of climate change.
  • Involving local communities in environmental protection (creating employment opportunities).
Main activities
  • Selection of locations and implementation of measures
  • Project presentations and their approvals at municipal gatherings
  • Introductory conference presenting project proposal
  • Selection and training of workers
  • Field work and construction of water retention measures
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of applied measures
  • Preparation and publication of manual, “Revitalizing the Climate in my Community”
  • Closing conference and dissemination of project results

Expected results

  • The retention of a minimum 120,000 m3 of rainwater in the Ondávka region
  • Employment for a minimum of 80 locals for 1 year
  • Mitigate impacts of drought and floods in the Ondava basin
  • Improvement of conservation and bio-diversity in the basin
  • Greater attractiveness of the basin contributing to increased tourism
  • Creation of new system and methodology for climate recovery at a community level
MINIMUM MEASURES PROPOSED PER MUNICIPALITY retention of 15,000 m3 of rainwater via implementation of water retention measures:
  • Minimum 100 small dams
  • Minimum 3 retention ponds
  • Minimum 5 rainwater gardens
  • Minimum 7 km of re-cultivated logging roads

Schedule of Activities

image  Schedule of Project realisation

Evaluation of the after project implementation

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Final report

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