Správa z pracovnej návštevy nórskych expertov na Slovensku

Správa z pracovnej návštevy nórskych expertov na Slovensku - Prírodné riziká projektu, záplavy a voda na rázcestí. Malé prahy z pôvodných materiálov; skúsenosti zo štúdie pre prípadné využitie v Nórsku. Pre viac čítaj prílohu v nórštine a angličtine TU.

Transforming Tribal Water Management: ‘Mni’ Indigenous Movement joins ‘Village Earth’ as Newest Global Affiliate

SWIFTBIRD, SD- A small group of indigenous water restoration advocates are making big ripples in Indian country. Starting on the Cheyenne River Lakota reservation in North-central South Dakota, Mni (Grassroots for Water Justice) is uniting indigenous nations with hydrologists, landscape engineers, activists, volunteers and other allies for the t...

Michal Kravcik Reflects on California’s Water Crisis

Michal Kravcik was awarded the Goldman Prize in 1999 for his work to halt the construction of destructive dam projects in post-communist Slovakia by proposing democratic alternatives, including smaller dams, decentralized water management and restored farmlands. Fifteen years later, Kravcik is still working diligently to design sustainable wa...

Back-to-nature flood schemes need 'government leadership'

Water experts are calling on ministers to show greater leadership on flooding. They say the government is failing to promote back-to-nature schemes which protect lowland homes by deliberately creating floods in the hills. The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) say upland schemes to slow river flow cost a fr...
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